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Firecast Podcast Episode #64 – Interview with Sam Peters of Patter Fam Sauces, Plus Scott Lists His Most Hated and Overrated Foods

Ohio-based pastor and sauce maker Sam Peters of Patter Fam Sauces drops by via the Skype hotline and gives Scott an exclusive announcement, and talks about his quality product line of condiments and spicy foods. Scott also lists out want he thinks are his personal most despised foods or overrated foods in Western cuisine.

For his product review, Scott gives his honest opinion on K-Sauce Brand K1 Hot Sauce.

Links mentioned in the episode:

You can get Pastor Sam’s inspirational books and cookbooks at the following places:

This book is packed with over 40 of my favorite tailgate recipes and drinks all made with Patter Fam Sauces.

This cookbook includes over 40 great recipes for the hunter and angler camp chef.  Also includes several amusing outdoor stories to read around the campfire.

This is a great cookbook for the fall and winter family get togethers.

It’s Time: How to Make Positive Changes in Your,,,
This is Pastor Sam’s latest popular book for any person in a position of leadership or just wanting to get unstuck from the humdrum existence they’re putting up with.

Life Changing Wisdom (ebook or print) –,,
An inspirational look at the wisdom found in Solomon’s writing of Proverbs chapter 3.

God Wants You To Be Debt Free (ebook or print) –,,
Pastor Sam’s popular book on stewardship and managing your money from God’s perspective.

My Vietnam Vision (ebook only) –,,
An amusing Ebook based on my journey to Vietnam in the spring of 2014.

Other Links:

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