AdvertiseWhen you advertise on The Firecast Podcast, you can squeeze the most of your advertising dollar!

Here’s how:

You can reach a targeted, niche audience of Fiery Foods and BBQ Fans.

Who listens to The Firecast? Foodies and die hard flavor fans who are specifically into hot sauces, BBQ sauces, spices and intense tastes, outdoor grilling, and getting the most out of their meals. Listeners tend to be fanatical, repeat buyers of sauces and cooking products, and you can reach thousands of them with every podcast episode.

Your ads can run forever with podcast advertising.

Wouldn’t it be cool if your advertising for your food or BBQ-related company could last FOREVER? It can with if you advertise on The Firecast Podcast! Here’s how it works: unlike TV or radio ads, where every instance the ads are broadcast they’re played only once and then lost forever, podcast advertising on the other hand can have repeat exposure and replayability for weeks, months and even years after they’re inserted into Firecast podcasts. So, even if a podcast episode is a few months or a few years old (and yes, older episodes still pull dozens or hundreds of downloads when new people find out about the program and subscribe), your ads will still be impactful to repeat listeners as well as new subscribers who download and listen to the show. This gives your advertising dollar the most bang for the buck.

Media Packet

Want more information, including download numbers? You can download our investor media packet:
Firecast-Media-Packet [PDF File]

Take Advantage of This Now!

Don’t wait to tap into this exploding market. Sales of BBQ grills continue to rise, and hot sauce is now the 8th fastest-growing industry in the U.S.! Jump on this fun and fiery bandwagon and watch awareness of your food-related company grow as well. Contact The Firecast for more details: