bbq-pitmaster-chris-lilly-firecast-about-the-show-pageThe Firecast is the most listened-to show on the internet with a focus on hot sauce, fiery foods and BBQ. The program aims to feature the best and most diverse coverage of spicy food, sauces, seasoning, grilling, barbecue smoking, chile peppers, buffalo wings, chili and more, with weekly product previews and interviews with the biggest movers and shakers in the industry. New podcast episodes are released roughly twice per month.

The Firecast Podcast is downloaded on average of over 45,000 times per month, with new episodes racking up more than 12,000 downloads each. The Firecast is a multiple-award-winner, with accolades that include the St. Louis Riverfront Times award for Best Use of Video in Food Blogging in 2011, and the 2GuysTalking “I Hear Your Podcast Award” in 2010.

The Firecast actually had its origins as a weekly video show on YouTube in the summer of 2010. Due to a lack of production time, it went on a hiatus, but was reinvigorated as an audio podcast in mid-2012. Output has been strong and steady ever since, providing entertaining and informative podcasts that bubble over with the passion and experience of host Scott Roberts.

Olso, Norway-based blues slide guitarist :finn (yes, spelled that way with the colon) provides the theme music and most of the original music you hear in each episode.  You can visit his SoundCloud page.